Microsoft is a powerful and robust software development technology that provides the security advancements, management tools, and updates needed to build, test, and deploy highly reliable and secure software. The .NET Framework primarily runs on Microsoft Windows.

Our skills include:

  • ADO.NET - enabling secure access to data and data services.
  • ASP.NET - enabling development of dynamic websites, web applications and web services. Our skills in updated technologies and tools like ASP.NET AJAX Silverlight etc. help us deliver rich internet applications.
  • Web services - enabling secure data exchange.
  • Window services - enables to create long running executable application automatically
  • Ajax with .Net - web application in combination with Ajax enhances rich functionality and robust management tools.
  • C# - object oriented programming language that connects systems, information and devices through web services such as XML, SOAP, and WSDL.
  • .net framework - NET Framework 3.5 & NET Framework 4.0

The following are different types of applications that provide our company in .NET domain.

  • Windows applications – typical Client/Server applications.
  • Web applications – Web sites and Intranet applications.
  • Web services – Programs that are accessible from anywhere using universal protocols like HTTP and SOAP.
  • Console Applications – Simple console based applications without any GUI. Run from command prompt. Best suited to learn fundamentals and also for applications such as server sockets.
  • Mobile Applications – Contain web pages that run in mobile devices such as PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) and Cell phones.

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