We are young (25 - 35 years old), energetic and full of enthusiasm professionals who spend most of their time in front of the computer. Each one of us have experience in different field in web technologies and the combination of all our skills makes a strong and knowledgeable team who is able to accomplish any web development project.

More information cab be found on About Us page.

We do all kind of projects - from small which takes few hours of work to large which takes months of planning, design and development. Our clients are webmasters having a single website, small web design companies who manage multiple websites, large website development companies who outsource their projects to us, end clients who need a complete website and application or upgrade to their existing website and application.

No project is too small or too big for us !

Many people ask us for our hourly rate. We never tell it ! Not because we want to add some hidden fees to our quotes but because hourly rate is not the correct way to ask for a price. You will never know how much time we will need to do a custom work for you.

When you ask us for a quote we will discuss your requirements and based on them will tell you our final price for doing the project. Unless you change your requirements as we start working on the project there will be no extra fees or charges besides the price we tell you in the very beginning.

Our head office is located in Bangalore, a beautiful city located in Karnataka, India. However, we have representative offices in two more city Mumbai & Odisha. Although our most business is entirely web based we try to expand on local markets in different countries and continents.

These are our Brand partner company with different products. We are working together from decades.

We have categories our vertical with our different company.

Yes, Jena Informatics Pvt. Ltd. Company is 100% privately owned. There are no investors or other type of financial institutions supporting us.

We've been in web development business since 2012 and plan to do it for many more years ahead!

It’s completely freedom how you want to use. If you want to use online then our technical team will assist you for setup. Once it online then you can use anywhere in the world.

Our product support offline use. Either you can use single system or multiple systems also can accessible by the help LAN connection.

Yes, it is possible. You need to point your domain to our server. Our technical team assist you for configuration.

The easiest and fastest way to get in touch with us is to go to Contact Us page. Just fill in the contact form there and we will receive your question

If you are already our client you should have login details for your personal account on crm.jenainformatics.com website. By logging this account you will have access to all your support requests, past orders and special promotions.

  1. Use software by paying rental. Minimum three month subscription required.
  2. Purchase once the software and use lifetime. Maintenance charge applied minimum 20% of product price from 2nd year onwards.
  3. If you want to extended licence as your own product then contact us.

Yes, Our technical team very keen about security. Our highly trained testing team tested our product in different environment with all possibility.

Our product support up to 1, 000, 00 user details, tracking, all related to user information. If you exceed the limit then contact us to upgrade.

No, you can’t redistribute. This application is specific for your organization; this cannot be handover to any other person or Company.

If you want to redistribute this product then be a part of our affiliated program. To know more about please contact partners@jenainformatics.com

If we are managing your application in behalf of you then you have to pay monthly maintenance. The charges vary depending upon workload.

No, either you have to pay any of one according which type of service you taken.

Yes, we will provide you the documentation for how to use. As well as two days physical training we will provide (Only in Bangalore) if you are taking service for minimum 1 year.

If you want more training session the extra charges will be applicable.

The short answer is - it depends on the modification. Our schedule is very tight and dynamic. We complete over 100 projects per month and because of this our work schedule changes almost every day.

We try to complete small changes which take few hours of work usually within 2-5 working days or less. Medium sized projects which will take few days of work will usually be done within 10 - 12 working days. Large projects may take few months.

We will always tell you how much time we need to complete your project and will do our best to stick to the deadline set.

Message us and we will fix it! Please note that if you or someone else did changes to the files we've sent we may need to ask you to upload original files as we cannot be sure what causes the reported bug.

If the application is deployed in your own server, It causes due to some modification or file delete, which you've made extra changes we may charge you a small fee. In any case, we will first see what is wrong and how easy it will be to fix it.

It depends on which type of service you have taken. We are providing Phone, Mail and Ticket system.

We provide free support for 1 year after the date of purchase.

Absolutely! We have a very strict policy when dealing with clients' login details. Only authorized members of our support team have access to it.