Welcome to the world of Information Technology. At Jena Informatics we believe that our employees are skilled and central to our success. We have a work environment that is creative, intellectually stimulating, energetic, team-focused and fun. All decisions on employment will be made solely on each individual's qualifications and merit. As we believe that learning is a continuous process. Each day, our employees learn, develop and strengthen skills to help deliver operational excellence to our clients. So we provide a well organized working as well as a learning environment for our employees to manage their professional learning.

We're always looking for people who can help the needs of our clients in a changing global marketplace. If you'd like to be a part of a world-class team, forward your resume to careers@jenainformatics.com.

Careers for Experienced Professionals

For the experienced IT professionals we offer a world class working environment to work. That in turn helps the professional to work in a strong team of developer and programmer. Jena Informatics provides an environment where people leverage their skills, talent that will help to build a rewarding career. Our employees operate with integrity, and are flexible, reliable and responsive. Our executives are committed, seasoned professionals who are leading us to a bright future.

Internship and Student Programs

You've put a lot of hard work for your study to finish your degree. Now put that knowledge in our dynamic and challenging environment where along with the working you will be learning more and more. Through the internship programs of our company we provide a wide space for the new graduates to work and explore their talent to the world of Information technology.

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